Clinical Specialties & Jungian Perspectives

As a clinical psychologist my specialties include the following psychological disorders and life- problems. I must clarify that my own treatment philosophy avoids using labels like these as much as possible, as my philosophy of therapy and healing is concerned with the creative development of the person, the true self, inside each one of us, and helping that being, ‘who looks out from behind a pair of eyes’ come more into its own, with new sureness, aliveness, and vigor, and express itself in the world in satisfying ways. This philosophy involves tapping into deep inner sources of wisdom, learning to grapple with problems and desires inwardly, so that more of our true self can come on line. The psychological labels and problems are just the “stuff in the way of this” and you are not the ‘stuff.’  You are the one in there dealing with that stuff, perhaps embattled with it, but you want to dissolve whatever is in the way and come into your own alive and creative power. I will be right in there with you, with all my presence as a human being, holding space and assisting you in this process.



Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks and Fear

Depression and Grief (and other Mood Disorders)

Trauma Disorders: PTSD, Dissociative Disorders (e.g., Multiple Personality), Sexual Abuse Trauma,

Psychospiritual Emergencies: Kundalini, Shamanic Awakening Awakening, Close Encounters, Entheogenic Problems, etc.

Midlife Transitions and Crisis

Life Purpose Clarification and Loss of Direction



Personality, Projective and Cognitive-Intellectual Testing,

Neuropsychological Screening

Attention Deficit–ADHD Assessment

SASSY: Alcohol and Drug Addiction Screening



Martial and Couple Counseling, Family Therapy.

Self-Esteem Building

Spiritual (Transpersonal) Issues

Vocartionl-Career Counseling

Death of a Child or Loved One.

Crisis Intervention and Coping Skills Development

Sexual Addictions and Dysfunction Issues

Cancer Counseling

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender and Heterosexual Issues



My philosophy of treatment is primarily Jungian-Analytic and Transpersonal, and includes a focusing oriented, innner-directed, self-empowerment value system and skill set.

Dream Analysis, Active Dreaming (Active Imagiation) and Artistic Expression.

Ecopsychology: I conduct an annual Wilderness Quest for a Vision on Soouth Manitou Island each August, for those at a crossroads in life and needing to clarify their sacred purpose in life, for future direction and focus, and service.

I  also work in other modalities as needed such as Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and offer hypnotherapeutic and holotropic type breathwork intensives for appropriate individuals requesting this.

Creativity and Life Coaching