Jungian Psychotherapy

My Approach to the Psyche


Hello friend.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my website. I would like to share with you a little of my therapeutic philosophy. Whatever suffering or problem has evoked your search for a Jungian psychotherapist, you are an irreplaceable human being, from my point of view, and the problems and suffering is ultimately just stuff in the way of your own self-realization in life. The healing resources are all latent within you, and our work is one of collaborating to evoke these self-healing and wholeness-making potentials into action. You have the capacity to find and honor the Inner Healer, who is also the Dream Maker implicit in your heart. Therapy becomes a heart-to-heart collaborative and exploratory relationship between you and me. By looking into the heart, the soul’s core, you can awaken to a new life, a vigorous sense of your authentic selfhood, and dissolve many problems in living.

Jungian psychotherapy, as I practice it, is the intuitive art discovering your seed potential, nurturing, supporting and protecting its new growth shoots, as it bursts into flower, and blessing life with deep beauty. Stubborn and longstanding problems soften and yield to new growth, as you and I work to support your own inwardly arising creativity and life-forward movement.

The inner work which you and I will engage will often bring in archetypal and mytho-poetic reflection for insighting into the situations we find ourselves in. Attending to our dreams and learning to actively and lucidly dream can be helpful in this process, although there are many ways of working in depth beyond dreamwork. As an eco-psychological educator, and author of books which reveal special transpersonal interests: JUNG AND SHAMANISM IN DIALOGUE: Retrieving Soul / Retrieving the Sacred (Trafford 2007) and PSYCHOTHERAPY AND THE SACRED (CSSR, 1995), I offer space and support to reflect on spiritul issues and problems, including how to clarify one’s sacred life purpose and deliver it to the world. To support you in this I offern an annual Wilderness Vision Questing each August on S. Manitou Island, and occasional workshops and group sessions for deep psycho-spiritual healing.

Jungian Psychologist