Individual Fire Talk Consultations  (Shorter Term Coaching)

Mikkal library bwA one hour session includes any topic relevant to the topics mentioned on this website. One on one sessions are available at Crows Nest Retreat Center in SW Michigan Woodlands. Many are long distance consultations take place via Skype or FaceTime. They are called Fire Talks because we want to ignite the Fire in the Heart and Imagination, but on location at Crows Nest we often sit around a sacred fire during out consultation session.  Some seek guidance on clarifying their life calling. Others want to live an inspired and creative life. Others are concerned about the “little devils” and are seeking guidance or assistance in dissolving or transmuting them into resourceful allies. Often all three aims are in play.

Longer Term Mentoring Program

Are you feeling a deeper call to live more fully, a life infused with purpose and sharing your gifts with the world, but you don’t quite see your way forward yet? Are you lost in the midst of your life? Do you find there a self-defeating patterns, those little devils standing in the way of what you really want for your life? Are you at a cross roads or change of life, and feel deeply you want a fresh vision of the next life-stage? IMG_0384

The longer term mentoring program moves beyond focus on solving a specific problem or project, and into the life process and the opus
of creating a life you really want, long term. It is a deeply personal interactive process with a mentor who has vast experience in mentoring people into crafting a life and work they really aspire to. Some of my clients are psychotherapists, healers, physicians, some are lawyers and teachers, some are entrepreneurs or life-coaches, and some seeking apprenticeship and certification in psychoshamanism. Once I have the basic background information, which through conversation, and core question inventories, I craft with you a program specific to your nature and needs, and your situation. We clearly define what you most deeply want or feel called to, and we assess for the obstacles, and build in resources and techniques for stepping into power, so that you can carry your vision or gift to the world.

belgium 9 2013My International Workshops & Retreats.

Many, but by no means all, in addition to individual consultations, participate in the international workshops and intensive wilderness retreats I offer at Crows Nest Michigan, and in France, Belgium, South Africa, and in the Peruvian Amazon, for all of these programs are based on the supportive and transformative potential of community and cohort groups, along with psychoshamanic techniques, and ceremonies. Because my work is creatively synthesized from Jungian psychology and indigenous shamanic wisdom and resources, I call it “psychoshamanism.”  For more information on these international IMG_2638psychoshamanic workshops and retreats, check out my International Crows Nest site at

Sacred Breathwork and  Amazonian Shamanism Intensive Workshops & Retreats

Sacred Breathwork(™) is a holotropically and shamanic synthesized
ceremony of deep self exploration utilizing therapeutic altered states of consciousness (holotropic states), through which latent potentialities become activated, and old limit patterns, the little devils (complexes and COEX systems) dissolve. It is perhaps the most powerful non-psychedelic and legal transformative initiation ceremony available in the USA and much of Europe, South Africa, through pour international workshops and retreats.  IMG_3464We also offer retreats annually in the Iquitos area of the Peruvian Amazon. For the schedule of these events, follow the Workshop schedule on

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