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Mlloka selfie in colorC. Michael Smith, Ph.D. (aka Mikkal) is author of the pioneering classic JUNG AND SHAMANISM IN DIALOGUE/Retrieving Soul/Retrieving the Sacred, and of the Gradiva award winning PSYCHOTHERAPY AND THE SACRED. An active clinical psychologist trained in medical anthropology, and holding a certificate in Analytical Psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, he is a prominent international teacher and consultant in the field of shamanism and Jungian psychology. He is director of Crows Nest Centers for Shamanic Psychoshamanic Studies International, offering workshops and psychoshamanic training events in Belgium, France, South Africa, Peru, and the USA. For nearly a decade he is been a teaching member of the Cercle de Sagesse de L’Union des Ancestrales working with 140 shamans from 85 indigenous cultures.   In 2014 Mikkal was elected to the prestigous Le Collège de Chamanisme Ancestral in Paris. His own initiation was in Cherokee and Ecuadoran Attis-Quechua traditions, and he is currently working in the Peruvian Amazon. His work as a Life-Mentor is deeply rooted in more than 30 years of working these fields.

TESTIMONIALS for C. Michael Smith’s Mentoring Services

“If you’ve found your way to this information on C. Michael Smith’s mentoring service you are standing on the threshold of a life-changing opportunity. No mere self-help or coaching program, Mikkal offers the committed apprentice a transformed way of being: a more authentic, creative, power-filled life of joy and service in the world.

As a 6-year apprentice with Mikkal I experienced the full range of his mentoring, teaching, healing, and leadership gifts in one-on-one Fire Talks, intimate small group retreats, sacred ceremony, university classrooms, wilderness quests, and the Amazon jungle. He embodies the highest standards for quality, practice, and safety while demonstrating a master’s spot-on assessment and healing skills, all in actual nature-based settings like Crows Nest that foster intimacy with the living earth.

Much can be said about Mikkal’s visionary bridging of traditional shamanism and modern psychology, his encyclopedic knowledge of mythology and medical anthropology, his explorations in quantum healing, and his worldwide following. But most striking to me was his personal integration of mind and heart, of firm authority and kindly guidance. To sit with Mikkal around his sacred fire under the stars is to sit also with Rumi, Black Elk, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung: a living integration of tradition, soul, science, and capable outdoorsmanship.

Shamanism is no game. If you are ready to break the patterns of illness, stagnation, helplessness, or uncertainty in your life and bring your sacred medicine fully alive in the world, your search is over.”

Jeff Nixa, J.D., M.Div., is founder of Great Plains Shamanic Programs and author of The Lost Art of Heart Navigation: A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual (Bear & Co.).


“Mikkal is an extraordinary guide, with training both in the visible world (Ph.D. in Psychology), and in the “invisible” world (he is a powerful shaman speaking the language of the Earth). His manner is gentle and direct. He lives in the magical woods on his property at Crows’ Nest in Michigan, and is deeply connected to beautiful nature and the needs of the soul. I recently took an intensive workshop and also worked privately with him.

Working with Mikkal is a spectacular treat and a profound healing experience for those seeking to embrace their creative abilities, (their Archetype, or what they were meant to do in this life to align with their purpose) and for those willing to live a healthier life physically, spiritually and financially. Mikkal shares easy, yet potent practices that are alchemically developed over a life time of experience. These practices allow one to get clarity of the mind and of the heart, to re-write healthier mental beliefs, and to embody one’s gifts with more confidence and ease.

Mikkal quickly cuts through any confusion (things we mostly hide from ourselves), so even a short time spent one-on -one with him (such as a w-end), can accelerate one’s growth. His compassion, sense of humor, and love for humanity are powerful catalysts during the process he guides. After our work together, I felt lighter, happier, and also, delighted and incensed to embody some of the gifts that I have resisted for a long time.

If you are serious about living from the heart, then book a week-end with Mikkal and prepare to be enchanted, challenged and supported in ways that are both healing and generative.”

Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. Strategy Consultant, Boston, MA

Jungian Psychologist